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Mediaeval experience

Company outings

Tournament of the best
Programme (also available in English)  

4 pm
Guests arrive in the car park up above the Ehrenburg
Walk to the castle (ca. 400 m) and entrance ceremony
Welcome drink: mead (honey wine) and juice

4.15 pm
Welcome and invitation to a tournament of the best
Announcement of the tournament rules and start of the competition
(The guests are split into groups for the tournament by drawing lots or according to your allocations)

Team sports
Archery with large hunting bows
Carpenter’s Curse (hammer-and-nails game)
The Bridge of Trial (balancing)
Contest of the Master Builders (tower building in a team)
Mediaeval casino games
Spinning top championship, castle storming and wheel of fortune game

6.45 pm
Award-giving ceremony and invitation to join the feast in the great hall

Our suggested menu
Banquet of the Counts Palatine  

First course
Crusty mill bread, homemade cheese spread, seasoned onion dripping and herb butter

Second course
Soup of the season

Third course – from the castle buffet
Crusty leg of pork from the bakehouse
Beef ragout with colourful garden vegetables
Coq au vin (chicken in a Riesling sauce)
Side dishes  
Sweet potato mash, potato gratin, dumplings and a selection of salads

Fourth course – from the castle buffet
Red berry compote with creamy almond semolina and mixed cheese platter with fruit
From gentle background music to a rousing mediaeval banquet, with our exclusive musicians, jugglers and performers we place your festivities in an appropriate cultural setting – just as you wish.

10 pm
Adventurous night-time tour of the Ehrenburg by torchlight Nightcap out under the stars

10.30 pm
Dessert buffet (see the menu)

Open end