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courtly tournament

A journey back in time

Under the dragon’s banner

10 am
Guests congregate in the courtyard of the Ehrenburg
Welcome drink: mead (honey wine) and juice

10.15 am
Guests are ceremoniously welcomed and invited to take part in the dragon’s banner tournament
Announcement of the tournament rules and start of the competition
(The guests are split into groups for the tournament by drawing lots or according to your allocations)

Sporting activities
Archery with large hunting bows
Carpenter’s Curse (hammer-and-nails game)

Team activity in historical costume
The Bridge of Trial (balancing)
Contest of the Master Builders (tower building in a team)

Mediaeval casino games
Spinning top championship and castle storming

12.30 pm
Award-giving ceremony and invitation to join the feast

From the castle buffet:

Variation I
Choice cuts from the domestic pig, fine butter noodles, selection of fresh salads

Variation II
Crispy chicken drumsticks, vegetable rice, selection of fresh salads

Dessert buffet

2 pm
End of the event and departure