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Time journey

Mediaeval adventure

The Ehrenburg’s educational programme aims to combine the best possible authenticity with maximum learning benefits while providing the ultimate all-round experience.

Where clear historical facts and figures on everyday castle life are lacking, the imagination is encouraged to cautiously fill in the blanks.

With their combination of many different learning and teaching methods our educators and performers pull out all the didactic and aesthetic stops.

Our programme regularly instils enthusiasm for the colourful Middle Ages into entire groups of children, leaving them with a lasting interest in history.

One of our time traveller guides greets the children at the castle gates and outlines the day’s plan before introducing them to the hustle and bustle of life at a mediaeval castle. Split into small groups, the participants work through a varied and exciting programme of activities.

With the castle captain the day’s apprentice archers learn how to defend the castle against enemy intruders in the outer bailey of the lower ward. Drawing the bowstring, taking precise aim and finally letting the arrow fly into the straw target call for concentration and help the youngsters to train their fine motor skills.

Novice bakers knead dough to make tasty flatbreads with the castle maids or cellarer. At the bakehouse, our stone oven under the arcades in the courtyard, the children gain first-hand experience of a skill which is now obsolete in this form.

There are no time travellers with rumbling stomachs at the Ehrenburg! At midday the master cook invites everyone to gather round the full pots in the castle kitchen and feeds the hungry mouths a good lunch: hearty vegetable soup with or without a poultry sausage and fresh bread from the mill!

  • Our time journey can be booked from Tuesday to Thursday all year round.
  • The programme starts at 10 am and ends at around 3 pm.
  • The minimum number of participants is 25.
  • Each participant pays €17.50, as do all accompanying adults.
  • Lunch and a drink are included in the price.

“Time journey – mediaeval adventure” is a project run by the Friends of the Ehrenburg. All proceeds go directly towards the upkeep of the mediaeval castle.

Please note: there is no direct bus or coach access to the Ehrenburg from Brodenbach. Please take the road from Boppard-Buchholz!